CK8 School Glossary

This is a work-in-progress (revisions coming Spring 2019), but it should provide new parents with a guide to some commonly-used terms they may hear once the school year gets underway.

Academy Style Learning
A 3rd – 8th grade school day style where the students have homeroom teachers but also change classrooms (and teachers) for their core academic classes.

Art Fest
Twice a year – once in the fall, once in the spring – families are invited to the school to see the art, hear the band and watch any other student performances that have been put together! This is a wonderful community time with the chance for kids and parents to visit with each other and celebrate the artistic accomplishments of our students. The spring edition is paired with the Bite of Cascade (see below).

ASB (Associated Student Body)
A student group of elected officers and representatives that meets regularly with a staff advisor to work on (in part) fundraising, student activities, assemblies and school spirit activities under the approval, direction of the school district.

Back To School Picnic
This event occurs prior to the school year. Families are asked to bring a potluck dish to share. Staff is introduced and some info about forms and upcoming events is shared. Student back-to-school packets will be handed out, containing forms for the school year. Photocopier may be available to copy driver’s license, auto insurance and medical insurance cards.

For our annual ASB fundraiser, each student selects a certain distance to ride (3 mi, 6mi, llmi, 15mi or 21mi) and then they ask friends, relatives, parents for pledges based on the miles they will be riding. Pledge can be per mile or a flat amount.
Parents will deliver their child’s bike to school before the event, so that on the day of Bike-A-Thon, the kids are transported to their starting spot while their bikes are delivered separately.

Bike Rodeo
Students will be tested on their ability to ride bikes, knowledge of safety, and helmet check for the upcoming Bike-A-Thon. Their speed is also measured in order to insure that they can successfully complete the distance they have pledged to ride.

Bite of Cascade
At the spring Art Fest (see above), we add a food component to the event! Parent volunteers contribute small “individual bites” of different yummy foods for other parents, relatives and staff to sample. A donation is kindly suggested for the “bites”.

CK8 (Cascade K-8 Community School)
CK8 is the acronym for the school’s name – Cascade K-8 Community School.

Circle Up/Count off
This is a practice used for off-campus field trips and camps in order to take attendance and to gather together for information, celebration and community building. During Circle Up/Count Off students come together and “count off” by number. The students are assigned a number in the year and the students practice by class.

Cluster Gathering
Parties, events and activities that occur outside of school hours (i.e. bowling, skating, etc). These gatherings vary by classroom and are originated by the parents.

Community Gatherings
Attendance is expected (one member per family).
Usually Thursdays from 7-9pm in the Band room. This is a time for the sharing of important information. There is usually a presentation from teachers regarding classroom happenings and upcoming events. Childcare is available for a suggested donation of $5.00.

For many important decisions in our community, we strive for a level of agreement that exceeds a regular 51% approval vote. The level varies depending on the issue, but is in general 70%+. Consensus involved acknowledging all voices and striving to support the decision the majority of the group feels is best.

Each month, parents offer elective classes that students select to take. Curriculum varies by the parents’ expertise (i.e. yoga, outdoor games, drama, photography, orienteering, etc.). Classes run for either one hour or two hours. In order to have electives as part of the program, we need parents to take the lead.

Parents are invited to join our CK8 Facebook group. This group is parent-administrated, and not affiliated with the CK8 PTSA. By parent agreement, since information or photos of children might be shared, the page is restricted to current families only. The page is designed as a place to coordinate (negotiate carpools for afterschool activities, advise what to pack for camp, ask for help on a project), share interests and support one another. This page is NOT a place to discuss issues regarding teachers or staff (see “Who you going to call?” here, or in the CK8 Handbook), share political views or events, or engage hurtful behavior.

Fall Camp
This is an overnight trip for the whole school, often in the 3rd week of September. Students
are expected to attend this two-days, one night camp. Students attend classes (i.e. nature class, writing, hiking, science, math, art, etc.). Parent participation needed. Younger siblings who are not attending school are welcome! Parents who want to
spend the night must be fingerprinted and background checked.

Journey is the name of the program in our school that consists of 6th , 7th , and 8th grade students.

Liaisons are like Room Parents but MORE! Each classroom will have a liaison available to answer questions about events, processes and procedures, help organize snack, paperwork, and field trip forms. Liaisons also help to communicate information to and from classroom teachers and, in general, can help point you in the direction you need to go if you have questions, concerns, and/or compliments!

Market Day & Government Day
Market Day is a chance for kids to participate in a Token Based Economy (no real money is used) once per first and second trimesters. Prior to selling and buying, students must make a Market Day proposal to bring something to sell that they have from home or have made (no soda or store bought candy) and return to the school. If their proposal is approved, then on Market Day, students then get a business license and rent a table (and other costs they may incur depending on their needs).
On the “big day” the students bring their “wares” to school and offer them for sale. Students are given an amount of Token Money at the beginning of the year to get them started. Parents/Guardians are invited and encouraged to attend. All parents in attendance are also given Token Money in order to help keep the economy thriving.

A method of student and teacher assessment that defines the progress a student is making towards an academic or personal growth area or skill. They correlate with the 1, 2, 3, and 4 used in the standard report cards. These terms are more fully defined in the student handbook.

PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association)
The official title: Cascade K-8 Community School PTSA body as it exists within the greater Washington State PTA.

A program sponsored by Washington State PTA for students to create personal art entries based on a yearly theme designated by WA State PTA. The entries are judged against other same-aged-student entries across the district, region and even the State Level. Many different mediums are available for student expression including drawing, painting, sculpting, song writing, etc. All CK8 students are given the chance to participate in making an art piece regardless of whether-or-not they want to submit their piece for judging. All students are encouraged to participate in the process for the purpose of enjoying art. The competition is a secondary component.

RepBod (Representative Body)
Parents/Guardians from the Community who have been elected or appointed to represent our larger community for the purpose of managing large activities, dealing with the “nitty gritty” of fundraising, budget balancing, etc. and keeping our very active community organized in a positive and productive way.

RepBod Meeting
If you would like to see how the “nitty gritty” things are run, you are always welcome to attend the business meetings, usually on a Thursday of each month, from 7-9pm, in room 301. Your input on topics discussed is welcome, however, in order to vote, you need to serve on the board.

RNCS (Room Nine Community School)
RNCS is the acronym for the school’s former name – Room Nine Community School.

Each K-5 parent signs up to provide 2-3 weeks of snack for his or her child’s classroom. Parents do not have to provide their child with snack on any other (in school) day. More info will come from your class liaison.

Spring Camp
Similar to Fall Camp but bigger and longer and SO AWESOME!! There are 3 Spring Camps:

  • Grades K – 5th camp
  • Grades 6th & 7th camp
  • Grade 8th camp

The location for each camp changes each year. So much, much more info to come about Spring Camp!!

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) DesignMaker Course
The STEAM Program at Cascade K-8 helps our 6th – 8th grade students gain the skills required to succeed in today’s challenging world. Our DesignMaker Course includes the ability to think critically, solve complex problems, and drive advancements in science, math, arts and technology through hands-on projects with practical applications. We will prepare students for success in the 21st century by facilitating high-level learning. Designing solutions to real problems and testing them will create excitement about learning, particularly in crucial STEM-related fields. In conjunction with STEAM, the Journey Program will continue to use district-wide curricula and learn other subjects.