Passive Fundraising

15 Minutes for Fundraising!

In fundraising, every bit helps. With that in mind, here are some suggestions how you can take 5-15 minutes and help Cascade K-8 get to its fundraising goal:

A small but meaningful percentage of your purchase will be donated to Cascade K-8.  No cost to you!

1. Got to and register Cascade K-8 PTSA (will show as Tacoma, WA) as your beneficiary.
2. If you’re shopping on an app, open a browser.
3. Go to:
4. Shop from there.
5. Purchases will be credited to us.  (The old link doesn’t work anymore)

Box Tops for Education
Cascadian Farm, Betty Crocker, General Mills, Ziploc, Avery, and more. You’ll be surprised where you might find those little pink rectangles show up lately.   There is a box in the main office where Jennifer Seffernick collects these.  Bring them in when you can.

Other ways to help a little become a lot in our fundraising efforts:

Empty your pockets – Jingling when you walk through the front door at Cascade K-8? Grab that handful of change and drop it in the Coins for Camp jar, located in Cascade K-8’s front office.

Got any other ideas for passive fundraising? Contact and let us know!