All of our fundraising efforts are to provide educational enrichment for the K-8 students in our community. The following are some of the ways we use our fundraising budget:

Direct Classroom Support

  • Providing field trips that expand on our learning themes
  • Assisting students to participate in the District Art Show -“Reflections”
  • Arranging for special guests and learning opportunities

Outdoor Education

  • Our school provides students and their families with the opportunity to attend “Outdoor School” twice per year. Fall (2 days) and Spring Camp (3 days) foster stewardship of the earth, and create a rich learning environment for science, social skills, math, art and language, all focused on nature.

After School Jazz Band

  • CK-8 PTSA fundraising covers half the cost of a jazz band instructor for students grades 5-8. The other half of the funding is provided by families of the students in the band.


  • For currently enrolled students who qualify for assistance in paying any school fees.

Our community has a family oriented approach to fundraising! We encourage everyone to get involved! By each family participating in our fundraising efforts, we not only become a closer community, but benefit our children directly!