Cascade K-8 Wins Lighthouse School Designation

Cascade K-8 Community School has been named a STEM Lighthouse School by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Washington state legislature identified STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education as crucial for the state’s continued competitiveness. By designating Cascade as a Lighthouse school, the state recognizes it as one of the leading schools for STEM education. Other schools will work with Cascade to improve their own STEM education.

“We’re a STEAM school,” one student was quick to emphasize when asked about the Lighthouse designation; “the A stands for art.  But,” she added, “if I had to choose one word for the award, I would say, ‘outstanding.” Indeed, the inclusion of an artistic focus may be part of what makes the program work so well. Many Cascade parents say it increases student engagement and allows them to bring a variety of learning styles to the material.

Founded in 1974, Cascade K8 is a public school in the Shoreline School District with a uniquely active and dedicated community of parents, teachers and students. Cascade will receive an $18,000 grant to further STEM education as part of the Lighthouse designation.

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